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Happy Birthday to me....

Apr 15, 2013

Break out the party hats, its party time at Amnet!

Yes, we’re celebrating our 12th Birthday today. Way back in 2000, Amnet started offering residential Internet after the buzz of the millennium bug fizzled and people were RACING along with 56.6kbps dial-up modems. 

Over the last 12 years we’ve grown to be a trusted provider of Broadband Internet with numerous awards and a very loyal customer base. 

We’re Celebrating
All new customers signing up TODAY will receive a FREE month and FREE connection on our 12 and 24 month plans. If you’ve got friends who want to take advantage of this special promotion, just quote happybirthday when signing up online or over the phone.
And we haven’t forgotten our loyal customers. We’ve searched through our records and we’re giving our 12 oldest residential customers a free month each to share in the celebrations. 

Step Back in History
Check out our website over the years. 
Circa 2000 - check out the logo

Amnet Website From 2000

Circa 2002 - love the green
Amnet 2002

Circa 2005 - Go Cable Guy!
Amnet Website From 2005

So for now, thank you for your support and please join in with our celebrations. If you’re around the city, please pop by and say hello and we may even have a special visitor pop along around lunchtime.

The Amnet Team