ACMA Compliance

The co-regulatory scheme established under Schedule 5 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 applies to Internet service providers and Internet content hosts. As a division of Amcom, Amnet promotes the supply of Internet carriage services at performance standards that meet community needs and complies with the principles laid down in this legislation.

The Act encourages the development of codes of practice to cover these sections of the Internet industry. The current codes were developed by the Internet Industry Association and registered by the ABA (Now ACMA) on 26 May 2005.

Regulations and Codes of Practice under the Act, including compliance criteria may be obtained from the ACMA or the IIA.

CommCom Compliant

Amnet is also a CommCom member, complying with the obligations under the TCP Code Compliance Framework.

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Content Filtering

Amnet, as a division of Amcom, conforms to the legal requirements for content filtering to be made available to our customers, and we support the use of approved content filtering services - Websense and Secure Computing.

These are available on a commercial basis, and further information is available by following the links above.

If you have a complaint, or any enquiries relating to Amnet's compliance with the Act, please contact us on 1300 533 821.