Terms and Conditions for Naked Broadband

Customer Service Guarantee Waiver For the Amnet VoIP Service:

Please read the following paragraphs carefully. They contain information affecting your rights.
  1. Part 5 of the telecommunications (Customer Service Guarantee) Standard 2000 (No 2) (the CSG) allows Amnet to propose that you waive the protections and rights provided for under the CSG.
  2. The CSG contains performance standards, which carriage service providers such as Amnet are required to fulfil (unless the customer has waived these performance standards). A complete version of the CSG and an explanation of its terms are available on the Australian Communication and Media Authority’s website (www.acma.gov.au).
  3. The Amnet VoIP services provides significantly lower call costs in comparison to a normal telephone service provided over the public switched telephone network. Amnet is only able to provide this service on the basis that it is not required to meet the CSG’s performance standards. So that Amnet may continue to offer this service, it requires that all Amnet VoIP customers waive their rights under, and in respect of the CSG.
  4. The protections and rights you are waiving are:
    1. The provision of written information. The CSG requires carriage service providers to at least every two years give written information to each customer about:
      • the performance standards that apply to supply of specific services;
      • the obligations of the provider under those standards;
      • the customer’s entitlements to damages under the Act for contravention of the performance standards; and
      • on request, provide information to the customer about a performance standard.
    2. Guaranteed maximum service connection periods. The CSG provides timeframes within which connection to services
      should occur.
    3. Guaranteed maximum fault rectification periods. The CSG provides timeframes within which rectification of service faults
      should occur.
    4. Making and changing appointments
    5. The CSG requires carriage service providers to:
      • Make appointments with customers at times that are convenient for the customer,
      • Make appointments with customers that are either for a particular time of the day or to nominate a five hour period
      • during which the appointment will occur; and
      • Change appointments by giving at least 24 hours notice or by obtaining the agreement of the customer to the change.
  5. If you waive your rights under the CSG you will not be able to claim compensation from Amnet for any failure to meet the prescribed performance standards in relation to the supply of the Amnet VoIP service.
  6. This waiver will take effect when you return it to Amnet via email. If you do not provide a CSG waiver, Amnet reserves its rights not to provide the Amnet VoIP service to you.
  7. You agree to notify Amnet immediately, in writing or by calling the Amnet customer support line, if your VoIP Device is stolen or if you become aware at any time that your Service is being stolen or fraudulently used. When you call or write, you must provide your account number and a detailed description of the circumstances of the Device theft or fraudulent use of Service. Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in the termination of your Service and additional charges to you. Until such time as Amnet receives notice of the theft or fraudulent use, you will be liable for all use of the Service using a Device stolen from you and any and all stolen Service or fraudulent use of the Service.

By submitting this application (I/We) understand and agree to the following Material Terms:

  • The options selected in this application are suitable for my purposes.
  • Connection of the services is subject to further service availability checks and may take up to 21 business days, except where contractors might be required.
  • You can cancel this order without penalty before the Service Commencement Date. However any cancellation after this date may incur Contract Break Fees.
  • If you choose to cancel the Service at any time after the Service Commencement Date, you can do so in writing by providing 30 days notice. If cancellation is after expiry of the contract period you will be liable for any outstanding charges up to and including the 30 day notice period. If cancellation is prior to expiry of the contract period Contract Break fees may also apply.
  • Early termination of a contracted service obtained via a promotion/special offer will result in standard applicable charge plus the fee/costs of items/services obtained that were included free or waived as part of the promotion/offer.
  • If the Service is moved to another telephone number or location, or any changes are made to the underlying telephone service, this may result in disconnection and reconnection fees may apply.
  • Pricing is for self-installation with phone support.
  • Amnet will advise you of the Service Commencement Date of your connection and the full terms and conditions of our Customer Relationship Agreement will come into effect on this date.
  • Your ability to initiate and sustain calls, including emergency calls, using your Amnet VoIP service is effected by a number of factors outside Amnet’s control and we cannot, therefore, guarantee that the service will always be operational. In particular the service will not be able to be used in event of a power failure or some types of problems with the internet access that you are using whether Amnet or some other internet access provider. You will need to make additional arrangements if you need to be able to make telephone calls in such circumstances.
  • Use of an Amnet VoIP service will count as internet use on the internet access you are using and will incur charges, if any, associated with usage of that access. The Acceptable Use Policy or equivalent applicable to the internet access will also apply. For example if you have an Amnet capped broadband plan and use of your Amnet VoIP service via your Amnet Internet access that usage will count towards your cap and you will be obliged to comply with the terms of Amnet’s Customer Relationship Agreement.
  • Should you have no credit on your pre-paid VoIP service you will still be able to make calls to other Amnet VoIP customers. However, you will not be able to make calls to other numbers until you have recharged.
  • Should you wish to cancel your Naked Line service you will need to provide 30 days notice to Amnet. Furthermore you will need to contact a telephone provider should you wish to reconnect your telephone line. Please note that there may be lengthy delays in arranging this.
  • Our Customer Relationship Agreement is available from our offices or online at www.amnet.com.au
  • The service is only available at the premises at which you have requested the service be supplied and is not transferable.
  • Any additional installation/hardware required at your premises is your responsibility.
  • Usage limits are reset at the beginning of each billing period. You cannot ‘rollover’ any unused data into the next billing period so as to increase your download limit.
  • You may not re-supply the services to any other end user.
  • You are liable for all charges whether or not you authorised the particular use of the service by another person and you will continue to be liable for the changes if you allow another person to occupy your premises or use the service.
  • All Services provided by Amnet are paid in advance.
  • If Amnet suspends or cancels the Service due to non-payment or breach of our Customer Relationship Agreement, you may be liable for Contract Break Fees. You may also incur fees to reactivate the service.
  • You should check:
    1. With your financial institution whether direct debiting is available from your account.
    2. Your account details are correct.
    3. You may also be charged a fee by your financial institution.
  • If you wish to cancel, stop or defer a Direct Debit payment you must notify us at least 7 days prior to the next due date to make alternative arrangements for payment.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that there are sufficient clear funds available in your account to allow a debit payment to be made in accordance with the direct debit request.
  • If there are insufficient clear funds in your account to meet a debit payment:
    1. Your service may be suspended or cancelled
    2. You may incur fees or charges imposed or incurred by us
    3. You may also be charged a fee by your financial institution
  • You should check your account statement to verify that the amounts debited from your account are correct.
  • We will keep any information in your direct debit request confidential. We will make reasonable efforts to keep any such information that we have about you secure and to ensure that any of our employees or agents who have access to information about you do not make any unauthorised use, modification, reproduction or disclosure of that information.
  • We reserve the right to charge interest on any amounts not paid to us by the due date. Interest will be charged from the due date until payment at a rate equal to 3% above the Bankwest Corporate Overdraft Reference Rate or such other comparable rate chosen by us most recently published before that date. You will be liable to pay to us all expenses (including reasonable legal costs and expenses and the fees of our debt recovery agents) incurred by us in relation to recovering payments due under this agreement.

Naked Line Terms and Conditions:

By authorising Amnet to change your telephone line to a Naked Line you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions of service inaddition those in Amnet’s CRA. Where there is any inconsistency between the CRA and the following terms and conditions then the lattertakes precedence.

  • To apply for a Naked Line you must be eligible for an ADSL 2+ connection. Your telephone line must connect directly back to an Amnet-Enabled main exchange and not utilise technology such as RIM or Pair Gain.
  • Installation costs associated with the Naked Line connection (including but not limited to new lead-in cabling, internal cabling and associated labour charges) are your responsibility.
  • Any charges associated with setting up an active telephone service (including but not limited to connection, disconnection, call out charges and cabling) are your responsibility.
  • Changing an active telephone service to a Naked Line entails disconnecting the telephone service and any services on that line (e.g. ADSL, monitored alarm, fax, EFTPOS, Digital Pay TV). Apart from loss of service you may also incur cancellation fees. It is your responsibility to check with your telephone, broadband and other service providers before applying for a Naked Line service.
  • Amnet VoIP service does not support Local Number Portability (LNP). By changing an active telephone line to a Naked Line you will lose your current telephone number. You will be provided with a new number for your Amnet VoIP service.
  • Amnet VoIP service numbers are exclusively associated with Amnet VoIP services and cannot be transferred to any other telephone service provider.