Choose your Naked plan

Naked Broadband gives you the same, super-fast ADSL2+ speeds and all the other stuff you love about Amnet Broadband, without having to pay for a phone line.

Our Naked Broadband service is only available on selected Western Australian exchanges. Please contact our Support Team to confirm availability.

Join The Unlimited Revolution


Data Allowance


Data Allowance


Data Allowance


per month


per month


per month

Unlimited plans have no data limit but are subject to our Fair Use Policy


Minimum Cost Per Plan*

Plan Name Total Min Cost
(No Contract)
Total Min Cost
(12 Months)
Total Min Cost
(24 Months)
Unit Cost
(1 GB of Data inc in plan)
100GB Broadband
$1200 $0.50
250GB Broadband $209
$1440 $0.24 
Unlimited Broadband $219 $919 $1680 N/A


Choose from 3 easy plan options and get connected in as little as 10-15 business days:

  • 24 Month Contract = $0 setup
  • 12 Month Contract = $79 setup
  • No Contract = $149 setup

The fine print

All prices are inclusive of GST. To find out whether you are in an enabled or non-enabled area and confirm availability call us on 1300 533 821 for more information and to confirm service availability or click here to find out if Residential Broadband is available in your area.

Switching to Amnet Broadband is easy, just ask us how...

Our services are subject to our CRA  and for more information please see our CIS for residential broadband.