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  • Is there a network outage?

  • When will my new service be connected?

  • I can't send/receive email

  • What are the basic modem configuration settings?

  • My connection drops out intermittently

  • My internet is slow

  • How do I relocate my broadband connection?

  • I’m not sure how much data I use. Which plan should I choose?

  • How do I update billing details?

  • VoIP doesn't work

  • What happens when I exceed my monthly quota?

  • How do I secure my home wi-fi?

  • Does Amnet comply with the consumer safeguards outlined in the Telecommunications Consumer Protection Code?

  • Where can I find information on Amnet’s Financial Hardship Policy?

  • How can I add an authorised representative to my Amnet account?

  • Setting up your Amnet email on your SmartPhone - For Android Users

  • Setting up your Amnet email on your SmartPhone - For Apple iPhone Users

  • Smart Talk

  • Does Amnet block any ADSL ports by default?