Talk is cheap with Amnet VoIP.  

Our old pre-paid service has been replaced! Please click here to view our new post-paid VoIP service, Amnet Voiced.

Using Amnet VoIP is easy. It's not much different from what you've been used to with a normal landline. 

You don’t need a computer or any special software and you can use your existing handset (as long as it’s not really old).

With Amnet VoIP you get:

  • A direct dial-in number
  • Low calling rates
  • International calling rates from 1.9 cents per minute
  • No lock in contract – cancel when you want
  • Free Caller ID – view the number of who is calling you2
  • Free Voicemail – listen over the phone or have messages emailed


Plan 1

Plan 2

One off Introductory Credit

$9.95 $14.95

Monthly Access

$4.95 $9.95

Calls to Other Amnet VoIP


Included Free Local Calls

Nil 50 per month

Local/National Calls

10 cents untimed 10 cents untimed

13 & 1300 calls (untimed)

23 cents 23 cents

Mobile Calls (no flagfall)

21 cents per min 21 cents per min

International Calls (no Flagfall)

From 3.5 cents per minute From 1.9c per minute

What you need

You’ll need a few things to use Amnet VoIP.

  1. Broadband Internet Service – we can help here ;-)
  2. A VoIP Modem or ATA device – see our Hardware page or talk to us
  3. A landline phone – we’re sure you’ve got a spare lying round. 

The fine print

  1. One-off credit is valid for active accounts only and is not redeemable for cash should an Amnet VoIP service be cancelled.
  2. Caller Identification is a network enabled function and relies upon the service being enabled by the calling party.
  3. Timed calls are billed in one minute increments